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Standard Tree Removal
Our standard removal will be completed using varying techniques depending on the nature of the job. This might include technical rigging, use of a crane, or simply felling the entire tree. Once down, we will dispose of all tree material.

Down-Only Removal
A down-only tree removal consists of safely taking the tree down either in one or multiple pieces. There is no cleanup, firewood cutting, or limb removal. This option is the least expensive and the perfect fit for the budget-conscious property owner.

Tree Removal in Maryland by Shy Tree
Tree Pruning in Maryland by Shy Tree

Crown Cleaning: The proper removal of dead, dying, diseased, weak branches, epicormic branching, and conflicting growth.

Crown Thinning: The selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, air movement, and reduce weight.

Crown Raising: The removal of lower branches to provide greater clearance from the ground upward.

Crown Reduction: Reduction of the height and spread of a tree.

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal in Maryland by Shy Tree1501_3516669675106647_4848471277137

Stump Grinding is the favored way of the stump removal methods. Grinding the stump will help eliminate the spread of fungal spores by virtue of the air. Leaving a stump will take a lot of time for it to rot away and could. We leave the grindings for our customer, unless directed otherwise, as they make for great mulch.

Tree Assessment in Maryland by Shy Tree

Shy Tree is owned and operated by an ISA Certified Arborist, Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, and is qualified Tree Risk Assessor. We can visit your property to assess the risk and health of any/all of your trees. We also offer verbal or written reports. Please contact us for more information.

Tree Airspading in Maryland by Shy Tree

The Air Spade is an arborist's tool using high pressure air to remove soil from the base of trees or around roots. The tool prevents damage to the tree/roots in removing excess soil around the base or in providing a trench through tree roots.

Tree Removal in Maryland by Shy Tree

Whether it's a few branches or a whole tree failure, give us a call and we'll come clean up any tree damage caused by storms.

Click here for our emergency contract!

Tree Planting in Maryland by Shy Tree

Shy Tree offers tree planting for customers looking to improve the aesthetics of their yard or who want to replace a dead/diseased tree that was removed. Please contact us for more information.

Tree Disease Treatment in Maryland by Shy Tree

Trees are living organisms! They  can require intervention using holistic and or chemical treatments to keep them healthy and alive.

Tree Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
Stump Grinding
Tree Removal
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